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Here it is!! The NINJA COFFEE BAR!! This video shows you what all is included with your new Ninja Coffee Bar. It is a fairly short video. I will be putting up additional videos demonstrating its features real soon. I was excited and wanted to get a video up as... more

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Review – Prepworks from Progressive International CRLR-3 Stainless Steel Lid and Spoon Rest

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Prepworks Spoon & Lid Rest

Prepworks Lid and Spoon rest I am sure I am not alone, but when I am preparing a meal I am needing to stir in ingredients then I either place my spoon on a paper towel or place it on or in an empty ingredient carton, container or can. I... more

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Giveaway Results!

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  We had a recipe contest, either sign up and submit your recipes or email them to The winners are below!! Congrats to those that won!! First we gave away a Pyramid Mat.  The winner was Mary Director! Next we gave away Frozen on DVD!   The winner is... more

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~ Recipe Contest! ~

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I have been thinking about having a contest and here is what I have come up with.  Since this site is only a week old, I am in need of more great recipes. The more recipes on this site, the more useful it will be.  So I am going to... more

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Random Thoughts…

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Hey everyone! This site is new so bear with me if you have any issues or questions. I am working on a Frequently asked questions tab. These will answer questions that I see reoccuring in multiple Ninja forums. If you have a question that needs answering, Please let me know in the... more

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